Are you stuck in a rut?    Would you like to make this year different?      Do you want to make lifestyle changes for the better? 

                                            If the answer to these questions is YES, then the 'CHOICE' program is for you. 

                                                                                        So what is 'CHOICE'? 

CHOICE is an acronym that relates to a personalised exercise and lifestyle programme, typically lasting for 6 weeks, which is designed to realign your thinking, promote weight loss and enable you to enjoy a healthier more balanced lifestyle.

The programme will take place in the professional fully equipped facility, Cassofiel. I have a proven track record in Motivational Teaching, having been a Training Consultant, Personal Trainer, Health and Nutrition Adviser and Counselor. 

I have worked with clients on rehabilitation after surgery and also on behalf of the British Heart Foundation. These skills and the experience gained has enabled me to facilitate this unique service.

Does it work? Yes, it does! Does it require dedication & commitment? Absolutely! Will it require will power & discipline? Without a doubt! 

                                                                But at the end of the programme you will come out the winner! 


                 Every day YOU have the power to CHOOSE your thoughts and actions.

                                             Make this your CHOICE today.

                                         Commit ……….   how committed am I today? 

                                         Honesty………... how honest am I being with myself?

                                       Ownership ……. this is up to me and nobody else!

                                         Incentive ………. remind yourself of the reward!

                                         Complete ……… all recommended tasks

                                         Envisage ………. the end result  

Choice is designed for individuals that sign up to a 6 week programme and commit to changing their lifestyle and endeavour to improve  health and wellbeing. Their is a degreee of flexibility as the concept is tailored to suit each individual. After the 6 weeks it is intended that the client will be able to use these learned techniques to good advantage.

Siret Number: 82763421300017 - Aide au Developpement Personnel